Beyond The Limits:
How To Create An Extraordinary 5-Paragraph Essay

Why write just any old paper when you can take a little extra effort and write an extraordinary five paragraph essay? The five-paragraph writing assignment has been done so many times that students can get bored writing them. Here are a few ways you can step beyond the limits of the typical writing project:

Think about your word choice: This is one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of any standard writing project. Instead of using boring verbs like linking verbs, you can spice up your writing assignment by adding active verbs with select adverbs. You might need to alter the way you craft your sentences to get those active verbs in place, but you and your instructor will be grateful for the choices you made.

Have fun with the hook and introduction: Even though introductions are supposed to get the reader’s attention, too many students write bland beginnings. The introduction is one place where you can show your creativity. Instead of a simple statement or a series of thoughtless questions, you can write a clever anecdote or take some time to find the perfect quote or a truly startling statistics. Then, take time to explain the hook so the reader can clearly see the connection to the thesis. You can really take the hook to a far out place, as long as you can connect it later.

Find fabulous facts: Body paragraphs become snooze-worthy when students fail to use facts for support. No matter what you write about, there are facts, statistics, and quotes that can be used to support your paper. Good writers find great support, but they also include their own ideas and opinions. The facts should never overwhelm the unique ideas - which is what instructors really want to read.

Get your thoughts out: Your fabulous facts should be secondary to the ideas and opinions you share. Extraordinary essays are well-thought out ideas that draw the read in and make the reader want to learn more. If you overwhelm your ideas with facts, the reader will become bored. You only use the facts to accentuate and prove that your ideas are correct.

Use lists in your paper: It might not be the most common thing to include a list in your paper, but your readers will enjoy seeing one. With a well-crafted list, you make reading fun. People enjoy reading alternative styles, so anything you can do to break up the monotony of the typical five-paragraph essay will be appreciated by your reader.

Craft a clever conclusion: Even though the conclusion is typically the least important part of the five-paragraph project, you do not have to neglect it. If you are trying to write an outstanding essay, you need to put outstanding thought and effort into the end of the paper. Rewrite the thesis, then have some fun. Rewrite the main points, but do it with style. You should end the conclusion with a connection back to your outstanding hook, so your project truly comes full circle.

Title the paper with style: Most five-paragraph papers do not need titles, but you can show off your skills by crafting a stylish title. Readers love a little irony, so you can add irony in your title. You could also get your writer to think by creating a title that might not be obvious. Think of what you really enjoy when reading and put those elements into your essay.

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