A List of Excellent Narrative Writing Prompts for High School Students

High school teachers frequently ask their students to write narrative essays at the beginning of the school year. This is a common task at this study level, which doesn’t involve deep research and helps students get back on track before approaching more serious writing assignments.

The Basics of Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is aimed at crafting personal essays. You should involve your creativity and imagination to write a fascinating story about a real or imaginary event. You may write about your experience or share your understanding of specific issues. You may also be asked to respond to a specific event, piece of writing, or idea in your narrative piece of writing. Whatever your prompt is, make sure to capture your reader’s interest in the story and not to disappoint them.

Narrative Essay Writing Prompts of a High School Level

  • Think about a teaching experience you have had. Perhaps, you taught your little nephew to read or your dog to fetch a stick. Did you like the teaching process? What difficulties did you encounter?
  • Think about any negative experience in your life. Why was it bad? How did the story end? How did this negative experience change you?
  • Tell about one specific ritual of yours. Maybe, you eat while reading or do your homework in a particular order. Why is this personal ritual important?
  • Write about your little victory. Perhaps, you managed to overcome your fear or achieved the desired goal. Was it difficult? Is this victory worth the effort?
  • Write about a vivid moment from your childhood. Is it a pleasant memory or is it something you would rather forget? Why do you remember this event so clearly?
  • Think of a change to a person you know well. Is it a positive or negative change? Is it a physical or psychological change? Did the change influence your relations with the person?
  • Think about the happiest moment of your life. Why do you consider it to be the happiest? Will your perception of being happy change in the future?
  • Write about your talent. Perhaps, you play the piano or knit socks perfectly well. Who helped you to discover the talent? What talent would you like to possess if you haven’t got any?
  • Think about the thing that you regret the most about your life. How would have everything changed if you had acted differently then?
  • Write about the achievement or deed you are proud of. Why is this accomplishment special? Did you suspect that you’ll be proud of your actions?

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