Expert Advice On Writing An Essay On Romeo And Juliet

The story of Romeo and Juliet has been very popular and nearly all students aren’t exempted from doing a research paper or essay about the struggles of its characters or the implication of the story to the lives of people nowadays. While it is true that it is a favorite topic to write about given by many professors and mentors in schools and universities, the story isn’t a simple task to handle considering the story is somewhat complicated and requires a deeper thought to fully understand its context.

Here are expert advices on writing an essay about Romeo and Juliet:

  • Go over the essay question carefully. It is essential to highlight the key words, if there are unfamiliar terms, use the dictionary to look for their meaning. Do what you have to do, explain, discuss or compare if you need to.
  • Make sure to finish any necessary research or reading as background to the writing task. See to it to use only the sources that are accessible as well as relevant. Consider jotting down notes using your own words, note down quotations which are useful; however, make certain that the sources of these quotes is cited once they’re used. Indicate the sources so they can be provided in the bibliography and footnotes.
  • Conceptualize ideas in response to the query. Note down any relevant points and also take note of any appropriate quotes or proof that come to mind. To aid stimulate lateral thinking, consider using a mind map.
  • Come up with an argument or idea (thesis) that sums up the response to the query. Take into consideration that the thesis must be a statement that firmly expresses the entire response to the query. Refrain from developing a very simple thesis because the thesis serves as the backbone of your paper. This means that it is going to be stated in the introduction, it requires to be referred many times in the paper prior restating it and illustrating how it has been validated in the conclusion.
  • Compose a plan for the response. Make sure that the ideas are in a logical sequence. Then, write your introduction, start the discussion, present your thesis, cite how the queries will be responded, if appropriate, name any texts to be tackled and ensure that the readers are engaged.
  • Compose the main body of the paper. Each point must be provided a new paragraph. The topic sentence must clearly link the paragraph to the rest of the paper. Provide supporting proof for each point that you make. See to it to revisit the thesis and disclose it is distinct methods if possible, to highlight how the query is being addressed.
  • Write the conclusion by summing up the main ideas and demonstrating how you’ve proven your thesis. Do the necessary edits. Then, compose the final copy.

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