The 14th Of June Movement

Yesterday was June 14, 1959. As civil unrest and tension within the Dominican people rises, Trujillo and his forces are feeling the pressure. The Dominican Liberation Movement have sent troops into the northern towns of Maimón, Constanza and Estero Hondo, although the attempt was thwarted by Trujillo himself. One eyewitness states that “I…realized that I’d just left a small cage to go into a bigger one, the size of our whole country”, referring to the growing dissatisfaction with the amount of freedom within the country. Anonymous sources have been suggesting that many of those who are showing dissatisfaction with Trujillo may be heading to a small cage of their own – jail.

Internal Resistance

A group calling themselves the 14th of June Movement are making a name for themselves as a result of the events of yesterday. Although the operation that occurred yesterday was ultimately unsuccessful, reports suggest that it has planted the seed of rebellion within the Dominican people and there is the chance of further action in the future. There are rumors that this movement may be related to middle-class Dominican opposition to the regime, and fears of being taken to La Cuarenta for dissent. We are awaiting the comment of the Catholic Church on this possibility.

Trujillo Reacts

There are also reports of a huge amount of negativity from Trujillo and his people against the events of yesterday and the surrounding tension. A social commentator states “voz de pueblo, voz del cielo”, suggesting that these rumors may be unfounded and that Trujillo is acting calmly and confidently about the prospect of further action from the resistance. Another eyewitness, however, suggests that she is worried about being “the only one left to tell their story”. All eyes are on Trujillo to see how events unfold.

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