The Most Effective Tips On Effective Essay Writing For Newbies

Are you new to the world of writing? Perhaps it seems rather daunting. Well, here are some effective tips to make sure that you’re getting it right!

Selecting a subject.

When choosing a subject, it’s always best to write on an issue that you’re passionate about. Having said that, you still need to make sure that it’s a suitable subject that you can find a plethora of references for; but the more passion you have for the topic at hand, the more invigorating your writing will be for the reader.

Get the structure right!

Make sure that you know the correct structure for your paper. It could be that a thesis statement is or isn’t required, for example; so ask your teacher if you’re unsure.

Getting the structure right is just as important as the text body content. The standard format for any essay is: introduction, chapters, conclusion. The introduction should start with a brief description of the topic. Then state your objectives and any possible conclusions you hope to achieve. The chapters can usually vary in length, but it’s always good to plan the size and content of each beforehand. A conclusion will sum up and reiterate any findings and conclude on the matter as much as is possible.

An introduction is actually best written last- this way you’ll know the finished state of your essay and can introduce it accordingly.

Be unique!

Write from a fresh perspective, and it will grab your reader’s attention. Perhaps you have made a connection between two sources, maybe you have an excellent and unique theory yourself. Remember to always make sure of the specific requirements for the essay in hand, but whatever the discipline and subject, if you manage to include a great deal of respected opinions, perhaps alongside more obscure ones, with a unique initiative, then you’ll be on to a winner.

Write. Read. Repeat.

Once you have written a first draft, be sure to read it again and again. Correct any spelling and grammar- you don’t want to be marked down because of simple mistakes. Also, read it through again with the eyes of someone else. Think about how your professor might read it and what they would be looking for, and alter it accordingly. Or you may just need to change some of the words to create a better flow. Basically, the more time you spend polishing it, the better it will be!

Good luck!

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