Choosing A Strong Topic For Your Argumentative Essay: Tips For Dummies

Whether this is your first time writing in argumentative essay or you’ve written them in the past, but are not confident in your abilities, the following will provide some advice so as to help you to think of a strong topic to write about.

What is important to you?

A great way of thinking of a good argumentative essay topic is to simply ask yourself “what is important to you?”

It may be that you are passionate about a particular political topic that may or may not have featured heavily in the news of the time; alternatively, you may have a particular hobby that you are interested in, for which there are opposing viewpoints about a particular issue.

Essentially, you want to try and find a topic where there are conflicting viewpoints and where you can take a strong stance on one of these viewpoints.

Structuring your argumentative paper

Structuring argumentative papers very much depends upon the length of the piece of work. Most average sized argumentative papers that are written by school students and college students will typically require a brief introduction of maybe one or two paragraphs. The introduction then needs be followed by the body section, which contains the main details that you wish to bring up, typically using three or four arguments. Finally, you will need to include a conclusion that is based upon the arguments that you have already made, without bringing up any new ones.

Checking the work before you give it in

One final piece of advice when it comes to writing an argumentative paper, or any paper for that matter, is to check the work before you hand it in. Proofreading and editing can help to eliminate unnecessary mistakes that can cost you valuable marks on your paper.

For further ideas where comes to thinking of topics, take a look at some of the suggestions listed below:

  • Do soldiers and other veterans of the armed forces deserve special treatment?
  • Should more money be made for social housing?
  • Is a progressive tax system fairer than a flat rate system?
  • Should the legal drinking age of alcohol be changed?
  • Should musicians be paid more in royalties from online music services?
  • Has internet piracy had a detrimental effect on the film industry?
  • Should young people be encouraged to read more?
  • Is literature from the 19th century of before still relevant in the modern world?
  • Can the makers of computer-made music still be considered musicians even if they don’t play their own instruments?
  • Is enough done to minimise the risks of gambling addiction in society?

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