What Is The Best Way To Write An Excellent Essay About Friendship?

A topic like this should be a very easy one for anyone in middle school, high school, and college. On the other hand by the time you dig into your writing skills, that may not be so. You may need some ideas on how to get an essay about friendship going even if you're great with that sort of thing. Just thinking about what you have to write and knowing it's an essay may send your brain into a freeze.

What Comes to Mind on This Topic

What is one of the first things that come to mind when you think about this topic? What do you want to say about it? What makes it so important? Put some points about this and any other things related to it in this section of your paper. What are things you can say about this topic that you have learned?

Usual Things One Might Add

You can add the usual things that come up when someone writes about this but add your own spin to it. When you think about what others might say or add to it? How can you change it to reflect your own writing style? What are things you might go on about? Include that in the paper assignment. Look at it from someone else's perspective and your own and think of what you can add to it.

  • What does this topic mean to you and others?
  • What makes this subject important in life?

Little things One Might Add

What are other things you want to add to your essay that makes it your own work? Something that personalizes it. Maybe writing down a few notes before you add that will help you know how to add you own unique spin to it. Make sure your paper says most of what you want it to say. Add any important details you want to add. Include things you feel are important that you've heard through your life and things you have learned on your own.

Once you have written everything out, look over what you have written and make sure you have included everything you want to be included. Put all the points you want to make ahead of the last part of your thesis. By the time you get to the end you want to have made all the important points you want to make and you are just mentioning the importance of it.

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