How To Write A Problem Solution Essay About Child Obesity

Obesity is one among the biggest problem faced by maximum individuals across the world. When you are supposed to write an essay on obesity, you need to tell why obesity is a nerve wrecking issue and why you need to create a detailed plan to resolve it. Convince the reader as why the problem needs resolution and what could be its repercussions if not sorted out. Followed by that come up with a solution proposal and argue that this is the best possible solution that could have been proposed. Refute any objections that arise offering a justifiable answer.

What you need to do?

  • Step 1: Once you have topic in your hand, assimilate all the ideas as in how you can sort out the problem. Think for the age groups that suffer from obesity. Teenagers, married ladies (after delivering the babies), people under stress, individuals with sedentary lifestyle and those who love junk food encounter such problems.
  • Step 2: The issue of obesity can be easily sorted out in some groups while some groups find it difficult to handle. Occasionally all plans cannot be enforced in all cases due to various reasons and time constraints. It’s not that the problem is huge but it basically deals with your convincing skills as in how you write the essay to make the situation better.
  • Step 3: Select the exercises you need to pick and implement. There are different types of solutions for different types of problems. For that you need to look at 4 parameters-
    • Solution ideas- How adding green vegetables and roughage to the food benefits. Guide the subject to drink plenty of water.
    • How the plans will work- If the subject is a younger one and is not ready to eat the above suggested food items, you can bribe them with an excursion tour, their favourite gadget etc so that they understand interesting ways to lose fats.
    • Assume cause of problem- If the subject has the habit of going to frequent parties, then the route cause should be eliminated.
    • Explain how plans will be implemented- Make the subject leave that group of friends who are engaged in partying activities. Instead engage them in a group that focuses on physical exercises, yoga classes or aerobics.
  • Step 4: Create an effective essay outline. Organize your content well and convince your reader that problem is grave and can lead to severe ailments. You need to convince them that it can be solved in a cost effective way.
  • Step 5: Cite true incidences, personal incidences, statistics, facts, imaginative story, vivid descriptions etc. Write an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion as a part of the format.

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