Composing A Cause And Effect Essay About Early Marriage Disadvantages

Early marriages seem to be a trend these days. There are so many rushing off to tie the knot. They get engaged in their teens and then they're at the altar before they're old enough to drink. Some people call them foolish and others are highly supportive. Everyone has a different opinion on the matter, it just depends on who you talk to.

It might sound difficult to write a cause and effect essay on this particular subject, but you should be able to find research to help you through it. First, make a list. If you can think of advantages as well as disadvantages, write them down. It's okay to use your own opinion sometimes, but you do have to base essays on factual information, so the next step is to do the research.

Look up the statistics. Why are people doing this? What are the possible reasons? What causes them to make this kind of decision? Does their upbringing have anything to do with it? Is it out of loneliness, desperation or rebellion, or are all the young love-birds truly in love? Whatever facts or examples you can find, you should keep track of them. There will probably be as many people supporting it as those opposing it.

Your essays should consist of an introduction, at least three main points, and a conclusion. You have to explain the effects by connecting them to the causes. Don't try to overcomplicate things, just choose three points to focus on. If you focus on too much, then your paper will become confusing. Use the information that you found, and make sure that it supports your thesis.

Don't forget to choose a side. Your thesis statement is exactly that. You can choose to agree with early marriage or not to, and your essay should be centred around your point and made up of factual data that supports that point. You should make at least three strong arguments, but be careful how you word things – you don't want to offend anyone. You just have to state the facts and how they support your statement.

Your introduction should give readers an idea of what you will cover in your essay, and your conclusion should summarize the information. You may include your own views about the subject in your conclusion and bring up whatever ideas and solution you might have to the issue.

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