Creating An Essay About Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention is better than cure is quite an interesting topic to work on for an essay. You have to be very specific about the incidents that you are going to share in your write up to get the best of grades in your class. It all depends on the genre of paper you are going to write whether it will be an argumentative one or just a descriptive one. Try to be sure of that fact and then start off with your writing.

How to create an essay about prevention is better than cure:

  1. The first thing to be done is to have a thorough research done about your topic. The topic is quite a famous quote and you have to be very specifically talking about it. The more you are going to read about the incidents and arguments related to it the more ideas you will get in your head to write about the topic. It is all about studies and if you do your job of usurping all the knowledge that you can perfectly, then no one can stop you from writing a great piece of article.
  2. The second thing to be done is to make a schedule of your work. If you want to start off with a great piece of writing then you must have a plan and you should be working in accordance to that. You must have a piece of paper where you should note down all the important points that are going to be discussed in your work. These will help you to accomplish the steady rate of your work.
  3. The third thing to be done is to make a note of all the information that you have gathered about your subject. Try to get them down on a piece of paper separately so that you can sync them all at the end.
  4. Start off with a great mind boggling introduction so that you can just ravishingly win over your reader at the beginning. This is the only point to make them lean towards your writing, so use it in a proper way.
  5. A good informative body is needed so that your work should be granted as one of the most quality works that has been done in your class. Try to double check your facts before inserting so that there should be no fault on the basis of it.
  6. A tight conclusion should be written so that the readers can ponder over your words forever.

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