Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was the general, consul and the statesman of the late Roman Empire. He played a crucial role in that lead to the Roman Empire extending and to the demise of the Republic of Roman. He later seized power for himself making him the Roman dictator and the introduction of the imperial system. Julius Caesar was born into the prestigious clan of Julian in Rome. He had moved through the ranks in the Roman political system before he made a pact with Crassus and Pompey, who assisted him to clinch the position of consul in 59BC. It took him a year to become the governor of the Roman Gaul, the title he maintained for eight good years that was him enlarge the Roman Empire by adding the current Belgium and France to the empire. Caesar used much of power to enable reforms, enlarge the Senate, revision of the calendar, the forum of Iulium was built and also he relieved the debts. He was later assassinated by a group of Republican senators led by Brutus and Cassius.

The conquest of Gaul

Caesar saw an opportunity to finish his debt problems that was to become the governor with all means possible. Caesar had command in four legions with the unconquered territory and parts of Gaul bordering about two of his provinces. Caesar defeated many tribes that had made a lot of Romans fearful with his two new legions. As of the 56 BC Caesar got the extension of his governorship post for another five years and also at the time one of his legions had completed the conquest of tribes in the north. In his conquest, Caesar was involved in a number of battles with the Germanic tribes. And also his plots and alliances in England were majorly affected by losing the support of Pompey, death his daughter and widespread revolts. He engaged with Vercingetorix on several attempts that ended in defeats, but commander Vercingetoris was forced to surrender at the Alesia battle. The following year after the battle Gaul was conquered.


Before Julius Caesar, none of the Romans had ever been officially deified. Julius was the first and was granted the title Divus Julius by the Senate in the 42 BC. During a game in his honour, they was an appearance of a comet that the Romans took as his divinity was confirmed. Caesar received divine honours during his lifetime. Before his death, a cult was started and later after his assassination his adopted son Octavian assumed the title son of God, Divi Filius.

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