The 17 Best Informative Essay Topics For High School

Writing an informative essay for high school is not supposed to be a hard thing. The first thing you need to do is to come up with a very good topic that you can present for your informative essay and then from there you will be good to go. The following are some simple topics that you can consider:

  1. Discuss the challenges that alcoholics face in the society
  2. Write a good paper on the role of Abraham Lincoln in the freedoms that we enjoy today
  3. Discuss Alzheimer’s disease citing and highlighting important statistics and facts
  4. Critically analyze the concept of abortion
  5. What is autism and how does it affect the individuals around us?
  6. Deliberate on anorexia and explain how it can best be dealt with
  7. What is your understanding of bulimia?
  8. Black Holes: Discuss and provide relevant evidence to support your arguments
  9. There is a side of the internet referred to as the dark web or the dark internet. Discuss this feature and provide the benefits and disadvantages of having this kind of network alive
  10. Breast cancer has been a challenge for years. What is it and how is society dealing with it? Mention some notable causes that are going on around the world with respect to creating awareness on breast cancer
  11. In the TV Show Covert Affairs, the lead character Annie Walker (played by Piper Perabo) is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but she still manages to take on some high risk tasks for the security of her country as a top CIA agent. Discuss some of the challenges that individuals in her position normally go through on such missions.
  12. Elaborate on cyber bullying and discuss some of the challenges that the victims have to live through after the incident has occurred
  13. Caffeine is an important element of a number of beverages that we take from time to time. Discuss its role in the body and how it manifests to help the body perform normal tasks.
  14. Discuss childhood obesity and provide a different angle from the blame game between the government and the parents on who should shoulder the blame.
  15. Write an informative piece on the role of smartphones in the world we live in
  16. Discuss how disruptive technology has been to communication
  17. Discuss the challenges that drug addicts face in the society

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