5 Basic Elements of the Standard Essay Title Page Format

If your teacher asked you to make a title page for your essay, you should format it correctly. Since the title page is the first thing that the reader will see when they take your paper, it’s important to make sure that they won’t spot any mistakes. Different schools have different requirements for creating title pages, but the basic elements should be the same for all of them.

Elements of the Title Page

  1. Title.
  2. You should include the full name of your paper. All the words in the title, except for articles prepositions, and so on should begin with capital letters. You shouldn’t underline your title or use other decorative techniques.

  3. Your name.
  4. You should write your first and last name. Use the standard font size and type. There is no need to make your name stand out from the rest of the text.

  5. Class information.
  6. You should include the name of the course and the section number. Make sure not to indicate the wrong number.

  7. Your instructor’s name.
  8. You should write the full name of your teacher. You may also need to include the title of your teacher.

  9. Date.
  10. You should include the date of submission rather than the date when you’ve actually completed your essay.

The right placing of these elements on the page and the font type are usually indicated in the assignment guidelines, so always make sure to examine them carefully.

Sources That Can Help You Write and Format Academic Assignments

Some students have constant problems when composing essays and other papers. If you cannot get high scores for your academic tasks because you always make some mistakes, you should ask somebody to help you. Here are the sources that you may approach:

  1. Academic centers.
  2. It’s likely that you’ll be able to find organizations that provide services related to academic writing in your town. There, you’ll be able to take special courses that will help you improve your knowledge and skills.

  3. Professional tutors.
  4. You may also hire a tutor who will teach you on the individual basis. This method is very effective but also is rather expensive. After several lessons with a good tutor, your writing will be seriously improved.

  5. Academic writing companies.
  6. The last option is to buy a custom-crafted paper from a professional agency. They’ll select a good writer to work on your order and you’ll receive an essay that is written and formatted in accordance with the requirements that you’ve indicated.

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