Composing An English Literature Essay - 10 Great Writing Tips

When it comes to composing an English literature essay, there are a few writing tips that will help you make this paper a success. They will show you how to write an essay that is well thought out and organized, so that you are able to decrease the time writing it and increase the overall quality of it.

  1. Brainstorm some ideas and jot them down
  2. Coming up with an idea of what to write your paper on is half of the battle. You want to always start by brainstorming some ideas to ensure that you choose a good topic to write your paper on.

  3. Determine the best topics to discuss
  4. From your list of possible ideas, you want to choose the best ones to discuss in your paper. You should try to choose at least three. You want to be able to write a five paragraph paper or more, so at least three is ideal.

  5. Be creative with the title
  6. Don’t make your title something boring. Try to be creative and not call it “an English literature essay on…” find an interesting way to express what the paper is about to draw your reader in.

  7. Organize your thoughts in an outline
  8. Utilize an outline to organize your thoughts to make sure that they are in the best order. You can make a huge difference when choosing where to present your best piece of evidence. Be aware that your reasons should go in either an ascending or descending order.

  9. Developing your introduction
  10. The introduction should present your paper and it’s topic to your audience. It is the best way to make sure that your audience knows enough about the topic so that the rest of the paper makes sense.

  11. Linking the topic sentence to the thesis statement
  12. The topic sentence of every paragraph should link to the thesis statement.

  13. Developing a solid thesis statement
  14. The thesis statement should capture the essence of the piece and work to present the main focus of your paper. It is what every other word, sentence, and paragraph is designed to prove.

  15. Have at least three supporting arguments
  16. You want to make sure that you have at least three things about the piece to discuss and you can use a five paragraph essay format to present it.

  17. Creating a solid conclusion
  18. Don’t rush through the conclusion. It should recap what you have discussed prior and work to help you understand what is expected of you.

  19. Editing your piece
  20. Don’t hand in your piece until you have read it through several times and edit it. That way you are going to be able to hand it in free of errors and not risk losing unnecessary points.

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