Good Tutorial On Writing An Opinion Essay About Human Cloning

Cloning of animals has been in place for quite some time and has now extended to human beings. An opinion essay digs into this topic by stating both the upsides and the various ethical issues that raise in the course of the experiment. It does not matter whether experience or you are a beginner. All you ought to do is to adhere to the guidelines to come up with an unparalleled text. Do not blink or you may miss everything!

Investigation of the topic

This is normally the initial step when one wants to compose an outstanding opinion essay about human cloning. It entails carrying out extensive research in order to comprehend what is required. Look for relevant texts, magazines or online websites and gather as much data from them as possible.

Drawing a plan

Before you embark on the writing, assemble all the information you have gathered and sort out the one which is essential for your writing. Jot down all the ideas that support the better side of this science and those that show its limitations. Finish by arranging it in a systematic manner.

The introduction

Considering you have already crafted the title page, proceed by introducing to the reader what is meant by the term in question for proper apprehension. This should commence with an engaging opening statement. Having crafted the opening, be certain to capture the thesis statement. The latter should be theme specific and concisely written. Do not be too wordy.

The body

This section of the text should carry the most load of your work. In jotting down the pros and the cons of human cloning, commence by stating the upside phase of it in specific paragraphs and then end by mentioning the downside phase of it. For each argument you give, be sure to support it with strong vivid experience and relevant examples.


Provide a summary of the ideas you have mentioned in the body of the text. These should come in the order of your presentation. In this section, you can also provide your own personal recommendations about the topic to reflect what can be improved on. Write precise and captivating statements.

Reference and citations

You audience may opt to conduct more research on your topic or may just want to confirm the relevance of your information. Therefore, refer them by giving applicable resources where they can access the information. When you have done all these, take a moment to re-read your text while correcting the possible mistakes.

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