Creating An Impressive 3-Paragraph Essay On Bullying At School

Writing an essay can be an interesting journey. You have the opportunity to dig up all the interesting facts on a topic and then present them. It will not only increase your knowledge, but also make you aware of issues relating to your topic.

Bullying is an interesting topic to research. There is a lot that you can write on it to create an impressive essay. The best part is that because bullying is a vice present in most schools, you can learn a lot by merely observing.

Focus points

Since bullying is such a wide topic, you need to decide what you will focus on. You can narrow down your essay to the following:

  • - Impact of bullying.
  • - Signs that someone is being bullied.
  • - How to recognize a bully
  • - Reasons behind bullying.
  • - Legislation against bullying.
  • - How to stop bullying.

Once you narrow down your points, you can begin to do your research. The structure below will guide you on each step of creating your composition.


Do as much research as possible on your focus point. If you are focusing on signs that someone is being bullied, look at the kids who you know are bullied in your school. Is there any difference between them and the popular kids? Some of the signs may be withdrawal, shyness, lack of confidence, walking next to the wall in a hall rather than in the middle of the hall. Read materials on bullying as well. Research online and you will get a lot of strong points.

Writing your rough draft

This is where you write out your paper for the first time.

  • - Introduction-start with an introduction that catches the reader’s attention. Introduce the topic, state your focus area and draw the reader into the rest of the essay.
  • - Body this is where you present your points. You will find that some points are stronger than others. In a three-paragraph essay, only include the strong points. Let them flow sequentially. Let one point lead to another preferably from the strongest to the weakest.
  • - Conclusion-restate the points made above in one sentence. Then make a suggestion on what should be done, or why something should be done. It is basically a stage to wrap up your message.

Final draft-after writing your rough draft, read it to yourself or someone else so that you can note what does not make sense including errors in grammar. Now write out the final document while including these corrections.

Keep the above points in mind at as you write your paper. Your essay on bullying is guaranteed to be impressive when you follow them.

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