What Is The Best Way To Start A Descriptive Essay: Professional Tips

Descriptive essays are one of the more common kinds of papers that you will be assigned for a class. The goal of this kind of paper is to describe something—a thing, place, person, or event—in a way that either allows the reader to understand it in detail, or perhaps to understand it in a very different way than they already do. While this isn’t necessarily a hard kind of paper to write, it can be a difficult kind of paper to start because there are many different ways to describe something or different parts of the thing to describe.

Follow these easy professional tips to get started on a descriptive essay:

  • - Decide what you want to describe
  • The first step in starting on a descriptive essay is to decide what you want to describe in it. This can be a person, place, thing, or event. There are two basic strategies for choosing a subject—either you should pick something that most people are unfamiliar with, or if you are going to pick something that many people are already familiar with, you should find a way to describe it differently than they would expect.

  • - Decide how you want your reader to see or experience it
  • We can experience things with any of our senses—touch, taste, smell, hearing, or sight—as well as emotionally. So you can describe your subject to allow your reader to experience the subject with any of these senses. You should decide how you want them to experience it before you begin writing. It can make your paper more interesting to help your reader experience something in a new way. For instance, if your subject is something that people generally only experience by sight, from far away, you could help your reader to experience what it would be like to be up close to it, smelling or touching it.

  • - Choose the most interesting part of the thing to focus on
  • If your subject is something that is very large, you may need to narrow down what you are going to describe to be a smaller scale. When you’re doing this, try to pick the part of it that you find most interesting to focus on.

  • - Pick language that fits well with the thing
  • This can be difficult to do, but try to match your language and its tone with the subject.

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